Monthly Archives: October 2011

SpaceChem sandbox mode!

Here’s my proposal for the SpaceChem sandbox mode, designed to facilitate design and demonstration of complex and/or obscure reactions: placement of up to ten (10!) Sandbox Reactors, which contain 8 bonders + 1 sensor + 1 fuser + 1 splitter, placement of unlimited storage tanks, use of the four standard defense controls, one random input, […]

SpaceChem sandbox mode?

I received an email from a gentleman seeking to build a computer inside of a custom SpaceChem pipeline assignment. Some of the features he requested were: the ability to place more reactors, the ability to use the “defense controls”, and the ability to place storage tanks. If we were to ship a “sandbox” style of […]

If you’re enjoying SpaceChem Mobile…

… then you should go review it in the App Store! It would mean a lot to us, and will really help to get the word out!

Free shipping on physical copies of SpaceChem!

Until next Wednesday (10/19) we’re offering free shipping on physical copies of SpaceChem (meaning they cost $15 instead of $20). We don’t have a ton of copies left, so if you want one you should go order one right now!

Free shipping on shirts, October 29th and 30th

Shipping for SpaceChem shirts (available from Spreadshirt) will be FREE on October 29th and 30th if you use the coupon code “WITCHINGHOUR”. I’ll try to repost this again on the 29th, but if you’re really serious about not paying the $4.50 shipping cost you should put this on your calendar!

The Humble Bundle end draws near!

If you’re interested in purchasing the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle (which also contains SpaceChem, TRAUMA, and a handful of Frozenbyte games) you’ve only got one more day to make your purchase!

SpaceChem Mobile update 1.0.11c released!

The good news is that this update should fix most of the save-corruption bugs that some people have been experiencing. The bad news is that, if your save file is corrupted, you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the game (thus deleting your save file) in order to get the game running again. The next update […]

SpaceChem, now in the Humble Bundle!

If you or someone you know still hasn’t picked up a copy of SpaceChem, now is your chance to get one – at what ever price you feel it’s worth! Also included are Frozen Synapse and TRAUMA, with the ability to donate to two excellent charities – Child’s Play and the EFF.

SpaceChem Mobile update 1.0.11b released!

This update fixes the “fat-finger” problem, making it easier to select small instructions in reactors. With update 1.0.11c we’ll start digging into the crash bugs that a few users have reported. To everyone who has purchased SpaceChem Mobile, thank you! And be sure to tell your friends!

SpaceChem Mobile is now available!

Get it here! There’s an update coming in the next few days that makes it easier to select small instructions (the “fat-finger” problem described here). Questions or problems? Leave them in the comments!