Contest Results

The intent of the “design a reaction mechanic” contest was to collect ideas for new mechanics to use in SpaceChem. But why, you may be asking, did we need new mechanics?

Introducing ResearchNet, the official intergalactic-intranet used by SpaceChem for sharing reaction engineering research!

Arriving in the form of a free, not-yet-dated update for SpaceChem, ResearchNet will allow you to create your own research assignments, share them with friends, and submit them to the Journal of Reaction Engineering, an in-game “publication” featuring the best assignments made by both SpaceChem engineers (you guys) and Zachtronics Industries designers (me).

When creating a custom research assignment, you will be able to specify exactly what is inside of the reactor, including two new reactor components – the FISSION LASER and the QUANTUM TUNNEL.

The FISSION LASER is similar to the fusion laser, but allows you to split an atom in half to form two new atoms.

The QUANTUM TUNNEL consists of two 1×1 components that can be relocated and, when activated, will de-bond and swap the two atoms located on each end.

One of the outcomes I wasn’t expecting when I initiated the contest was that literally half of the submissions would include one of the winning ideas (fission). I intend to stick to my word, though, so everyone who submitted one of the two winning ideas will receive a free copy of SpaceChem, which can either be kept or gifted to a friend. I’ll be emailing the winners in the next week or so to find out what email address they want their free copy gifted to.