FAKTR is an arcade-style action game about prime factorization, developed for iOS and Android tablets as part of the Amplify Curriculum.

Puzzle Mode

In puzzle mode, players create factor trees by collecting primes and using them to break down the composites between 4 and 50.

Action Mode

In action mode, players control the FAKTRSHIP, taking on the form of prime numbers to slash through the composite numbers attempting to destroy them. By factoring their enemies, players unlock FAKTRPOINTS, which can be spent on upgrades like more health, faster speed, and the time-slowing INFINITY DRIVE.

STEM Topics

FAKTR gently teaches players about the difference between prime and composite numbers and how to factor numbers by creating factor trees. It also provides a lot of practice for determining which prime numbers divide evenly into composite numbers under 150, without resorting to “flash card mechanics”. Although it’s designed for students in grades six through eight, it’s been enjoyed by players as young as six!