The aliens took your freedom. Now it's time to take their stuff!

Infiniupdate #1: The Heist is our first major update for Infinifactory, and includes a brand new mini-campaign with seven new puzzles built around a new mechanic: teleportation.

We've also made a bunch of improvements based on player feedback, like adding support for Linux and the ability to move and delete groups of blocks. To learn more about this update, keep reading!

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NEW MECHANIC: Teleportation

Teleporters are a new puzzle mechanic that enable you to instantly move blocks over a great distance. The only catch? You have to do it one block at a time!

Any block that enters the teleporter is separated from any welded blocks and immediately moved to the other end of the teleporter. Unlike using the eviscerator, this lets you completely disassemble a product and put it back together without losing any blocks.

NEW BLOCK TYPE: Upside-down Conveyor

If you hate building pushers to take blocks off the top of lifters, you'll love the upside-down conveyor! It's just like a normal conveyor, but... upside-down.

Just don't let it run away from you...

YOU ASKED FOR IT: Area Select Tool

When we asked you what you wanted to see in future updates, practically everyone said they wanted the ability to move large groups of blocks at once.

The new area select tool is available at the start of the game and allows you to quickly select a group of blocks and move or delete them with a single click.

How did we not add this sooner?!

The area select tool is available in the block menu and can be added to the hotbar.

YOU ASKED FOR IT: On-Screen Captions

Infinifactory - now with more reading!

If we learned one thing from SpaceChem, it's that everyone loves reading lots and lots of in-game text.

Hah! Just kidding. We did, however, add voice-over captions to Infinifactory, in response to many requests from players. They're not on by default, but you can turn them on or off in the options menu at any time.


Not everything we added in this update was cool enough to warrant a screenshot. Here's a list of everything in this update!


  • A new mini-campaign, The Heist, has been added to the game. It adds seven puzzles to the game and introduces a new mechanic, teleportation, and a new block type, the upside-down conveyor.


  • A simple area selection tool has been added, which allows you to quickly select a group of blocks and move or delete it with a single click. It is available in the block menu and can be added to the hotbar.
  • Support for running on Linux has been added to the game.
  • Voice-over captions are now available, and can be turned on in the options menu.
  • You can now crouch by holding the jetpack descend key when on the ground. Now you can see the underside of blocks you could previously only imagine!
  • You can now rate user-created puzzles in the score window that shows immediately after solving them.
  • You can now scroll through custom and user-created puzzles.
  • Your save file is now automatically backed up, in case a power outage, computer crash, or 12 year-old hacker corrupts your save file.
  • An option to disable anti-aliasing has been added to the options menu. It is still on by default.
  • A volume slider to turn down the ambient background sounds has been added to the options menu. There were so many requests for this!


  • A handful of puzzles from the second, third, and fifth planets have been tweaked to be easier to solve. As a result, you may have to re-solve some of them.
  • Platform blocks can no longer be eviscerated. Our deepest condolences go out to the scuzz block enthusiast community.


  • Changes to input rate are now included as undo/redo events.
  • A bug that caused animated GIFs to record as solid gray images on OS X has been fixed.
  • Many bugs involving the block simulation and audio have been fixed.