The aliens abandoned this world long ago... for good reason.

Production Zone 1 is a brand new mini-campaign for Infinifactory, which includes seven new puzzles with new mechanics, environments, and story.

We've also added new requested features and made a bunch of changes to the game based on your feedback. To learn more about INFINIUPDATE #2, keep reading!

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NEW MECHANIC: Extruded Inputs

Long ago, the overlords constructed Production Zone 1 on a planet rich with ore deposits and volcanic energy. There, automated forges continue to run in the darkness, even after the overlords have left.

Extruded inputs produce a continuous stream of metal blocks, which can be cut free and milled into solid metal products using eviscerators or other block-destroying tools.


The laser, like the eviscerator, is used to destroy blocks. When the laser receives a sensor signal on any of its conduit ports it will fire, instantly destroying every block in front of it.

As if the eviscerator wasn't dangerous enough.


At first glance, Test Zone X might look like nothing special. Platforms? Sure. Cargo containers? Nothing new. But look at that, those cargo containers are full of... factory blocks?!

Test Zone X is a sandbox designed for creating factories that create factories. Maybe those factories go on to create factories of their own. Who knows! We have no idea what you're going to build here, but we're eager to find out.

YOU ASKED FOR IT: New Custom Puzzle Blocks

We've added five new product blocks to the custom puzzle editor, and have enabled the construction of teleporters so that you can build teleporter puzzles as well, just like in The Heist.

We've also enabled the area-select tool in the puzzle editor, although I'm pretty sure that was just an oversight that it wasn't already available.

YOU ASKED FOR IT: Steam Achievements

Personally, I'm not a fan of achievements. Between shipping a single achievement in Ironclad Tactics (for which I have no regrets!) and expressing these views on podcasts it's probably pretty clear.

But no, this is an Early Access game, and you asked for achievements so damnit we're going to deliver.

We've added 17 achievements to Infinifactory, some of which are SpaceChem-style optimization achievements and some of which are more traditional game achievements. Let us know what you think and we may even add more!


Not everything we added in this update was cool enough to warrant a screenshot. Here's a list of everything in this update!


  • A new mini-campaign, Production Zone 1, is now available. It adds seven puzzles using the new "extruded inputs" mechanic, and introduces a new block type, the laser.
  • A new sandbox, Test Zone X, is now available. With inputs that spawn every type of factory block, you can now build factories that build factories that build factories that build factories...


  • Added an initial set of Steam achievements.
  • Added more block types to the custom puzzle editor, including teleporters.
  • Enabled "linear building" for most factory blocks, as opposed to just conveyors, platforms, and conduits.
  • Added the ability to rotate while "linear building" by pressing the block rotation keys.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the loading screen to fail to render.
  • Fixed a strange lighting bug affecting the eviscerator's model.
  • Revised a cinematic sequence in the main campaign with new animations.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused visual glitches with pushers in recorded GIFs.
  • Fixing a memory leak that sometimes occurred when switching between levels.
  • Fixing a bug where resetting a sandbox experiment did not reset the input ratios.