At last, a way home... but only if you are able to assemble it.

The Homeward Fleet is a new mini-campaign for Infinifactory, which includes six new puzzles that are truly epic in scope and the final conclusion of the story.

We've also added new requested features and made a bunch of changes to the game based on your feedback. To learn more about INFINIUPDATE #3, keep reading!

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NEW CAMPAIGN: Atropos Station

Atropos Station is a new mini-campaign for Infinifactory, which includes six new puzzles with complex inputs that need to be processed before being assembled.

The Atropos Station mini-campaign also introduces Ortis, a fuzzy, four-armed engineer who built the tools of Infinifactory and is a big fan of your work!


Counters, like sensors, are able to sense blocks. However, instead of always triggering, they count blocks as they pass and trigger when a programmable target is reached (between 2 and 9).

It's the flip-flop you've always wanted!


Painters are stationary blocks that apply paint to other blocks as they pass by. If the same face of a block is painted twice, the new paint will completely cover up the old paint.

YOU ASKED FOR IT: Block Count Metric

We've gotten lots of requests to add new optimization metrics to Infinifactory, but with many possible options it was a difficult choice.

After thorough discussion on the Infinifactory subreddit we've selected a metric that tracks the number of blocks used to build your factory, with one small catch: platform blocks are free!

They're mostly air, anyway...

YOU ASKED FOR IT: Advanced Puzzle Editor

Compared to the puzzles we've created for the Infinifactory campaign, the custom puzzles on Steam Workshop are a little... hangar-y. However, that changes with the introduction of the advanced puzzle editor!

The advanced puzzle editor is essentially the same tool that we use to create puzzles. It allows use of almost every environment and block type found in the game, and includes options that aren't available in the "classic" level editor like default spawn rate.

YOU ASKED FOR IT: Steam Trading Cards

We've added Steam trading cards to Infinifactory!

I still don't understand the point of Steam trading cards, but with so many requests to add them I'm not sure how we could avoid it.


Not everything we added in this update was cool enough to warrant a screenshot. Here's a list of everything in this update!


  • Added a new mini-campaign, Atropos Station, which includes six new puzzles about building things from inputs that require processing (i.e. evisceration).
  • Added a new mini-campaign, The Homeward Fleet, which includes six new puzzles about building massive products.
  • Added a new block type, the counter, which is a sensor that remembers how many blocks it has detected and triggers on a particular count.
  • Added a new block type, the painter, which sprays paint on the sides of other blocks as they pass by.


  • Added an "advanced" level editor, which allows you to build puzzles using the same tools that we use!
  • Added a new metric, block count, which tracks the number of blocks in your factory other than platforms.
  • Added Steam trading cards.
  • Added more Steam achievements.
  • Added tips to the loading screen.


  • Blocks unlocked in the second campaign can now be used in every level of the second campaign.
  • You can now point at blocks you didn't build when using the area select tool.
  • Fixed a bug where extruded metal would flash red when eviscerated.
  • Added lots of performance improvements to rendering, saving, and the simulation.